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International Exhibition Vietbuild Danang 2011

This exhibition attracts the participation of 270 companies with 600 booths, including 127 domestic enterprises and 93 joint venture enterprises 50 enterprises and foreign corporations. Some new products in building materials and interior decoration will be the face and referrals to businesses and people in Danang. The contents of the exhibition will focus on the development of quality products, services, science and technology of the construction industry in the integration and development.

In the framework of the exhibition will be held the seminar on the introduction of new products, advanced technology of environmentally friendly construction in the integration and development, such as concrete bricks VIGLACERA gas, production technology brick foam lightweight concrete products, waterproofing, grout tile adhesive products excrement, glue tea vessels, decorative glass, Fibre Cement sheets in modern architecture, introducing complex projects TMDV Thien Thanh and cooperation opportunities business devoted to building materials, home decoration ...

International Exhibition 2011 will Vietbuild Danang awarded for the stall size and beautiful design, award a gold medal VTOPBUILD and quality construction.

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