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Unbaked construction materials - contribute to reducing emissions, environmental pollution (05/10/11)

According to experts and scientists, the government approved the program, would bring more positive effects on economic, social, contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions causing the greenhouse effect and pollution school, towards a sustainable national development.

Adapting to the times

According to Pham Van Bac engineer, deputy director of Building Materials (Ministry of Construction): The material calcined to produce 1 billion clay bricks have a standard size would cost about 1.5 million m3 of clay , equivalent to 75 ha of agricultural land and 150,000 tons of coal, and discharged about 0:57 million tons of CO2, causing greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful environmental pollutants. Therefore, the gradual replacement of baked clay bricks baked in building materials will bring more positive effect on the economic, social, environmental, and also limit the adverse effects on. In addition, the production of calcined materials also consumes a significant portion of waste thermal power industry, metallurgy, mining ... contribute to saving natural resources, reduce pollution and disposal costs wastes.

In this regard, Dr. Tran Van Huynh, chairman of Vietnam's construction materials, said: From 2002-2009 to produce 140 billion clay bricks have spent 210 million m3 of clay. If averaged, the land was exploited 1m2 2m3 clay tiles, the area of ​​arable land is already exploited by 10.500 m2 105 million ha, turning farmland into lakes, turning fields into higher-lying lands. And yet, clay brick production consumes large amounts of coal.

According to the calculations to produce 400 billion bricks from now until 2020 to spend 60 million tons of coal, particularly in 2020 to use 6.3 million tons. Thus, non-renewable mineral resources is nearly exhausted. Also, the brick kiln, especially handmade furnace atmosphere emit large amounts of toxic fumes CO2, SO2 over 220 million tons within 10 years, affecting the ecological environment, human health life people, reduce crop yields. Meanwhile, construction materials not used unbaked clay fields that use industrial waste like fly ash, slag of coal-fired power plant, the plant's ash metallurgical, industrial rock exploitation and processing of building stones, sludge waste processing industry of bauxite.

According to estimates from 2015 to 2020 in our country discharged from 50 to 60 million tons of discarded waste on the pollution of ecological environment and serious. The amount of waste is enough to produce 40 billion per year in non-baked bricks without clay field. In addition, production of unbaked construction materials reduces energy consumption by 70-80% compared to the production of clay bricks do not burn coal, firewood, not CO2 emissions, SO2 pollution reduction.

Economic efficiency

Besides helping to reduce harmful emissions polluting the environment, the production of unbaked construction materials also bring high economic efficiency in the building. Tran Trung Nghia, General Director of JSC Manufacturing plant and production of new materials Trung Hau said: Do not baked bricks have characteristic light, durable, easy construction, sound insulation, heat ... should materials used in the construction work will bring high economic efficiency than the clay material. For example, the characteristic light use calcined materials in construction will help reduce the work load, reduce the cost of nail to 10%, very suitable for high-rise building. In addition, this material is durable, smooth surface so the use of mortar building, plastered with little clay materials, cost savings, reduced construction costs, higher life works, subject good case with floods, and earthquakes.

Dr. Tran Hong Mai, Institute of Economic development (Ministry of Construction), said: The materials are heated to easily create quality products with the strength, diversity of size, porosity, less curved warping. This means an active role in lowering production costs for materials are cost competitive than clay brick, to ensure both technical and artistic of the structure, save construction mortar, plaster . It is suitable for the construction industry has a high degree of mechanization, shorten the construction period when the use of wall panels, unbaked brick size, reduced construction costs to adjust design the foundation, foundation, load-bearing frames when using low brick above ...

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